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Title: Messages From Aslan's Country
Character(s): Caspian X, Eustace Scrubb
Pairing: Caspian X/Edmund Pevensie
Rating: T
Setting: The Silver Chair
Timeline: When Eustace meets Caspian in Aslan's Country.
Notes: Film-verse casting, as per Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Caspian's first line of dialogue is lifted almost verbatim from the book.  The rest of it may be familiar to anyone who's seen the Doctor Who episode The Satan Pit.
Disclaimer: Characters you recognise belong to C. S. Lewis.
Summary: What matter the messenger if the message gets through?

Eustace, staring, cannot quite believe his eyes; he's seen Caspian old and dying.  Dead.  And yet the man standing before him looks no older than the man he met on the Dawn Treader.

Caspian must feel Eustace's eyes on him, because he turns towards him and, at the sight of him, lets out a laugh full of joy.  Caspian recognises him, remembers him.

“Eustace!” he says.  “So you made it to the End of the World, after all!”

This place is so strange, Eustace thinks, it almost isn’t surprising to see an old man who was dead grow young again and live..

He moves forward towards Caspian, holding his hands out in greeting.

Caspian smiles at him; Eustace thinks it a wistful smile, with more than a hint of yearning in it.  Eustace, suspecting he knows what Caspian is thinking, wishes Edmund were here.

“Caspian,” he says, his tone gentle.  He watches Caspian try to speak, fail (and swallow), then try again.

“Eustace,” Caspian says, his voice tight with emotion.  I was right, Eustace thinks; the knowledge brings him no happiness.  He gives Caspian what he hopes is an encouraging look.

“Eustace,” Caspian says again.  “When you go back ... if you talk to Ed ... just tell him ...”  His voice breaks, and he won’t look Eustace in the eye.  Eustace says nothing; what can he say?

“Tell him I ...”

Eustace takes pity on him.

“Caspian, he knows.”

The smile Caspian gives him in return is brighter and more beautiful than the sun.


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