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The Memory BookThe Memory Book by Rowan Coleman

They are not wrong when they say this book [about a woman who discovers she has genetic early-onset Alzheimer's, and how it affects her life and those of her mother, husband, and children] is very moving.

The "memory book" of the title is a notebook given to the main character by her husband, in which she and the rest of her family write down their memories of her in order to help her remember.  It hits very close to home at the moment and I cannot read it without weeping.

The sub-plot about Ryan gets me every single time.

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NemesisNemesis by Philip Roth

This started off well, and the writing was very descriptive; the tension and fear surrounding the Newark polio epidemic was atmospheric and drew me in.  Spoilers herein, read at your own risk. )

 I've read Philip Roth previously, The Plot Against America, and I didn't much care for it; I feel much the same about Nemesis, now that I've read it, and I wonder if it's the author's style I dislike.  I probably won't read another Roth novel, and I'm not sure I can recommend this to anyone.

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Now and ThenNow and Then by William Corlett

Very well-written. I liked most of the supporting characters, except for TG (who was plain offensive, although perhaps that's the point) and the narrator's sister (something of a Petunia Dursley sort of character, if you get the reference). Chris broke my heart a little, and I'm not sure I understand Stephen; at best, I'm tempted to think Stephen said he loved Chris because it made what he was doing less obviously manipulative. Maybe it's the difference between loving someone and being in love with them? I'm sure I don't know.

The way the narrator, in the "Now" sections, seems to be completely emotionally detached resonates, in a way. The "Then" sections flow better than the "Now" ones, but for the most part are bittersweet and in at least one part heartbreakingly painful.

I enjoyed this, and recommend it.


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