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Title: And Light Shines in Darkness
Rating: T
Relationship: Caspian/Edmund Pevensie
Characters: Edmund Pevensie
Notes: Set post-Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the months immediately following the Pevensies’ (and Eustace’s) return from Narnia, this deals with Edmund’s inability to forget Caspian, or their relationship, and the pain of having to transition back into a life without him.  My headcanon for the Pevensies has them as probably at least High Church, although probably not Roman Catholic.  Inspirations for this piece include the Feast of All Souls, a specific XKCD cartoon, and the Third Collect for Evensong; the quote at the beginning is from the song Reach Haven Postcard by Dan Fogelburg.  The title is amended from John 1:5 in the Jerusalem Bible.  As always, any characters you recognise here belong to C. S. Lewis.
Summary: You’d like to think you’re getting over Caspian.  But the reality is you’re nowhere near that point, and you know it.

You’re not entirely sure how you’ve found yourself in here, in this sacred place, and you’re just thinking about how you will turn around and go back the way you came when you spot them. )

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Title: Though Lovers Be Lost
Rating: T
Setting: post-Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Character(s): Caspian X, Ramandu's Daughter (mentioned), Edmund Pevensie (mentioned)
Pairing(s): Caspian X/Edmund Pevensie, Caspian X/Ramandu’s Daughter (implied)
Notes: Primarily film-verse.  This explores the period of Caspian’s return voyage to Narnia immediately following the Pevensies’ return to their world, and examines how, even though Edmund is gone, Caspian cannot forget.  The title and the quote at the beginning of this piece are from And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan Thomas.
Disclaimer: Characters you recognise belong to C. S. Lewis.
Summary: You know you’re being unfair.

Lilliandil asks, once or twice on the return to Narnia, what it was like to be so close to Aslan’s Country. )


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