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I identify with both of them, but for different reasons.  As far as a preference goes, Moony is my favourite character in the whole Potter fandom.  I know his lycanthropy was at least originally meant to be an analogue for HIV-AIDS and wasn't there something about how people treat those with disabilities?

I have invisible disabilities and have first-hand experience of how differently people treat you once they know you have them so, in a way, it's almost inevitable that I'd identify most strongly with Remus.  Fanon, at least, tends to portray Remus as reticent and with self-esteem/self-worth issues (I am less convinced of their existence in the canon), and as I have self-esteem/self-worth issues it's another reason to identify with Remus.

The reasons I identify with Sirius mostly surround his obvious mental health issues.  I've never been framed for murder or unjustly imprisoned, but I have spent most of the last twenty years battling against major depression and it's damn clear (to me) that Sirius is at the very least badly depressed while he's trapped in Grimmauld Place.

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Title: More Indelible Than Ink
Character(s)/POV: Sirius Black
Pairing: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Rating: 15
Beta: [ profile] glory_jean; all remaining mistakes are my own.
Notes: My headcanon for Sirius is that Grimmauld Place almost achieves what even Azkaban couldn't do: drive Sirius insane. I am minded to think that he knew it was happening, and that he almost let it; that he stayed in that house for Harry (and only Harry), and that Remus was, by the end, the one thing keeping him sane. The title and summary come from a quote by Anita Loos.
Timeline: Order of the Phoenix, in the main. References events from earlier books.
Disclaimer: Characters you recognise belong to J. K. Rowling.
Summary: Memory is more indelible than ink.

Some days, Sirius thinks, he’s going mad )

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And I've realised that being a shut-in isn't doing me many favours, and is probably directly related to my disinterest in 90% of the stuff I used to like (wait, no, that's probably my godawful mental health being champion again); but it's easier in the long run to having to deal with people.  And it saves me money.

I need to get out more.

Some randomness:

When I joined Pottermore, I remember botching the Sorting quiz and so got Sorted into Slytherin.  I re-did the quiz this evening via a different route and apparently I should be a Ravenclaw.  Go figure.

Also, why is it that the reason I find someone attractive in any way at the moment is always because they remind me of a third person who I'm trying (not very successfully) to forget?


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